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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twenty Five years

This year I turned 25 years old. It was hard to believe that I have been alive 25 years, that I was married, and a mother of two. Life has changed so much how times flies while you live it. I had a great childhood, especially compared to the children now a days. My favorite memory was crawling in my Meme's bed, cuddling, and watching movies with her when my Papa Doc was gone. As time went by my favorite memory became the free day in 8th grade. Being outside on the baseball field eating and having a wonderful day with all of my friends. Then came high school. Ninth grade: I met new friends, I got my first boyfriend, and had my first kiss. Tenth grade: danced on the dance team turned 16 and loved every part of my life. Eleventh grade: went back to "normal life" just having fun with friends and dating my first true love. Twelfth grade: Getting close to those friends I was close with in elementary school and making some of the best memories of my life. Going to the mall on Friday and Saturday nights. Race track in the spring and swimming in the summer. Then college years started, began at USCL and ended at USC. Those four and half years were amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. I lost my best friend to a terrible car accident then at the end of my college years I met my future husband. Now I am a teacher, mother, and wife. Twenty five years all summed up.
Halley (RIP)-Julie- and Me

Daddy, Zoe, and Gabriel



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