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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So our wonderfully planned Valentines Day was crushed! Instead of a wonderful evening at The Melting Pot, and a quite night without either of my children, I got my little one at home, my son at my in-laws, and a husband in the hospital.

My husband came into the bathroom while I was getting ready for school and was in serious pain. So he called his mother and she took him out to the VA. He arrived at the VA at 7:30, where they had determined by 10 that his IBS was acting up. Around 11 he went for CT scan and then an ultra sound was done at about 2:30. That is when they determined it was actually his Gallbladder. He ended up waiting for a room till 9:30 last night. He had not ate all day, actually he had not ate since around 4 pm on Sunday. He went in today (Tuesday the 15th) and had his lovely Gallbladder taken out.

Now I love my husband but as most of us know, men are like babies when they get sick. I already have a 4 year old and 5 month old, I do not need another child on my hands! Especially one that can talk, walk, and complain every 5 seconds. I really need more than one me in this house.

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